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If you are a graphic designer looking for some logo ideas and inspiration, then it’s your lucky day because we handpicked another list of Clever Logos With Hidden Symbolism.

Check this 36 Clever Logos if you need some inspiration, our you want to amuse yourself. They have more links with other logos too at the beginning of the post.

Have fun!

Originally developed for the Amiga, Babylonian Twins never made it to market but found life nearly 17 years later on the App Store. This platformer that has you swapping between two different characters, each with different abilities, in order to solve the many puzzles and progress through the game. It’s a lengthy and satisfying trip too, and currently you can grab the iPad version for free for the first time ever.

Haven’t tried the game yet, but for the video I saw it seems fun. And for now it’s free, so you really can’t complain.

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Wired UK:
The app lets users access a number of services attached to the PC or Mac Steam client, including chat, the ability to browse profiles and communities, access to screenshots, browse the game catalogue and even buy games. The one thing it won’t let you do, for the time being, is play them.

The first step for valve to create and commercialize iOS and Android games in my opinion. This could be huge in the future, especially for people who already have a Steam account.

Nice to still see the Model T on this list.

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Apple reports massive Q1 2012 results

The Verge:

The company booked a $13.06 billion profit on $46.33 billion in revenue, marking the biggest quarter in company history — well over 50 percent larger than its previous record in Q3 2011. Apple sold a remarkable 37.04 million iPhones, 15.43 million iPads and 5.3 million Macs during the quarter, which represent increases of 128 percent, 111 percent, and 26 percent from last year. That’s two million more smartphones sold than Samsung shipped last quarter, which is astonishing.


On the heels of Apple’s e-textbook announcement in New York City this week, publisher Houghton Mifflin Harcourt announced the results of its “HMC Fuse: Algebra I” pilot program at Ameila Earhart Middle School in California’s Riverside Unified School District. The Algebra I digital textbook is touted as the world’s first full-curriculum algebra application developed exclusively for Apple’s iPad.

In its test run, the “HMH Fuse” application helped more than 78 percent of students score “Proficient” or “Advanced” on the spring 2011 California Standards Test. That was significantly higher than the 59 percent of peers who used traditional textbooks.


An intrepid Skyrim fan created a Skyrim simulator that is basically a text adventure game with a few clever graphics. It definitely doesn’t recreate the glorious golds of a Skyrim sunset or the spooky caverns of Kolskeggr Mine but you can at least while away the hours in Social Studies.

It seems quite a detailed game. if you have a TI-84 calculator guide it a try.

(Source: TechCrunch)

Business Insider:

This speculation was amplified on September 30, when the Wall Street Journal reported that Kodak had hired Jones Day for restructuring advice. This move reaked of bankruptcy.

Days later, Kodak denied the bankruptcy rumors in a statement that was riddled with caveats.


At 12:22 AM this morning, this announcement crossed the wires…

[Interview] Man Started The World’s Largest Independent Hotel Group Out Of His Son’s Bedroom

Business Insider:

When he started his company in 2002, he wasn’t a kid coming straight out of college looking to raise money for a tech idea. Nor was he an ultra-rich investor, painstakingly searching for the next Internet behemoth.
He was just a middle-aged man with a big idea, and a plan. “We had two Macs and this business idea that we could start a hotel chain for independents,” Magnuson says. Back then, all he had for an office was his son’s bedroom.
He was in his mid-40s when he founded Magnuson Hotels with his wife Melissa. Now, it’s the largest of such independent groups in the US, and the top hotel company on the Inc. 5000 list .

This is a really good interview that every entrepreneur, our if wanting to be one, should read. The guy on is mid 40’s without funding accomplished great thinks in a really hard competing business. Really impressive and inspiring to me.

(Source: Business Insider)


"Like many businesses, entrepreneurs and web users, we oppose these bills because there are smart, targeted ways to shut down foreign rogue websites without asking American companies to censor the Internet," a Google spokeswoman said. "So tomorrow we will be joining many other tech companies to highlight this issue on our US home page."

Will this protests be enough to stop SOPA?